Asking more questions

Aug 31, 2023

We are regularly asked whether the Parent Booking application can capture additional information.  When a parent makes a booking the school is wanting to ask additional questions in regard to the booking. To solve this problem we are integrating the Parent Booking application with the Permission Slip application.  So when a parent makes a booking […]

Querying essential workers about school attendance

Jan 14, 2022

In Queensland the children of essential workers only are allowed to attend school for the first two weeks of term.  We have had a number of schools asking us about the best method of obtaining numbers so they can complete their staff planning.  Ideally we want a breakdown of how many students in each year […]

PS3: Slip managers

Apr 25, 2020

Previously each permission slip only had a single manager, the staff member who created the slip. However, we allowed SOBS Administrators to edit any slip, so the managers were effectively the staff member who created the slip and the SOBS Administrators. We now have selectable managers, a slip to be managed by multiple regular staff […]

PS3: Responding on behalf of a parent

Apr 23, 2020

With Permission Slips version 3 we have made a host of new improvements to the previous version. The latest of these is the ability for staff at school to respond on behalf of a parent – this is useful where the parent has no internet access and calls the school to register their responses. Drilling […]

PS3 – permission slips for students

Apr 20, 2020

When I was first asked about “permission slips for students” I was aghast, why would we possibly want to send a permission slip to a student? As I was implementing the process I was thinking about how useful it might be. Firstly we have to take away the connotations of the name “Permission Slip” as […]

Permission Slips version 3

Apr 15, 2020

We have applied our new style to the Permission Slips application. If you are still running version 2.3 then an upgrade option will appear for your SOBS Administrators when they login – you can choose to delay the upgrade a week, or apply the upgrade now. Getting started When you first start using Permission Slips […]