PS3 – permission slips for students

Apr 20, 2020

When I was first asked about “permission slips for students” I was aghast, why would we possibly want to send a permission slip to a student?

As I was implementing the process I was thinking about how useful it might be. Firstly we have to take away the connotations of the name “Permission Slip” as these have little to do with permission and more to do with preferences.

  • How will you be using your Thursday elective class?
  • Registration of interest in a school musical: Westside Story
  • For our term 2 assessment we have three options, which would you prefer?

The content of the permission slip remains the same, as does the selection of students. The main changes involve requiring a student email or mobile number, and instead of “Send to parents…” it is now “Send to students…”, otherwise the operation is very similar to slips for parents.