Querying essential workers about school attendance

Jan 14, 2022

In Queensland the children of essential workers only are allowed to attend school for the first two weeks of term.  We have had a number of schools asking us about the best method of obtaining numbers so they can complete their staff planning.  Ideally we want a breakdown of how many students in each year level will be attending each day.

Many schools subscribe to the Parent Booking application so we will discuss this one first.

  1. Choose the “Homework club / Bus booking” – this type of booking round will allow the parent to select multiple days for each student.  Add a title like “For essential workers only, please indicate which days your children will be attending school”.  The date range is from the 24th of January to the 4th of February.
  2. You can then create times slots for each school day, starting at 9am, duration 360 (minutes), finishing at 3pm, enter a capacity of the approximate number of students in your school (allowing for the unlikely possibility that every student will be attending).  Repeat this time slot across all school days.
  3. This will create a time slot on the 26th of January, so click the “X” on this time slot as this date is a holiday.
  4. That’s it, add the parent booking link to your email that you send to all of your current and newly starting students.

Results: In the booking round settings you will see the number of bookings for each day.  You can use the “Reporting” and “View statistics” to see the breakdown of numbers by year level.

An alternative is to use the Permission Slips application.  A permission slip allows us to send an SMS or Email to each parent requesting them to complete a selection for each day their child will be at school.

Results: This application will export a CSV that will open in your spreadsheet application, listing the numbers for each day.  The row includes the student name and year level, so you can sort the spreadsheet and sum the columns by date.