PS3: Responding on behalf of a parent

Apr 23, 2020

With Permission Slips version 3 we have made a host of new improvements to the previous version. The latest of these is the ability for staff at school to respond on behalf of a parent – this is useful where the parent has no internet access and calls the school to register their responses.

Drilling into the row

To make the application easier to use we’ve added a couple of clickable rows.

Clicking on a permission slip row will show the student list

When you click on the permission slip the application will display the list of students selected by this slip. If there are no students you will be able to add students from this page.

Clicking on a student row will allow you to respond on behalf of the parent

When you click on a student in the list of students the application will transfer you to the parent access and allow you to respond on behalf of the parent. Be careful not to change any parent responses.

The option to block responses after the date/time due is ignored when a staff member is responding on behalf of a parent. Hence, you can manually complete these responses for a parent after the due date/time.

Changes to the parent interface

When you are a logged in staff member responding on behalf of a parent, we provide an additional button that allows you to return to the staff access. Otherwise the interface is identical to that the parent will see.

An additional button allows staff to return to the application

At any time you can click the “Return to staff access” button, this will return you to the staff interface.