PHP Vulnerability CVE-2024-4577

Jun 14, 2024

A PHP vulnerability was recently published, SOBS IS NOT AFFECTED More information This vulnerability only affects Windows computers running Apache, PHP-CGI and PHP scripts. Our servers are running Linux and we do not use PHP-CGI. We do regularly conduct penetration tests on our SOBS services to ensure our servers are secure and your data […]

Outage – Thursday 6th of June : 10:06am – 10:20am

Jun 6, 2024

Our certificates expired. I had previously renewed the certificates and installed them on the web servers, however i needed to update the references to the new certificates and restart the web service.  Sorry, it had been on my list of tasks, I thought it had been done but as it turned out it hadn’t. Everything […]

Partial outage – Tuesday 4 June 2024, 8:42am – 9:06am

Jun 4, 2024

Sorry, my mistake. While the application was generally still available, some functions were interrupted by two new tables being added to the application.  This caused an error in the library loading the appropriate classes.  As soon as we realised there was an error it was a quick resolution.  We apologise for those people who were […]

Calendar event timings

Apr 24, 2024

We’ve made some changes to the way you enter calendar events, hopefully this will simplify the process.  The main changes are around the specification of additional dates and times for an event, ie an event that spans multiple days, or is a part day event. A simple one-day event By default the date you click […]

Authentication / Login

Feb 8, 2024

We have four different authentication methods: SAML, LDAP, User/Password, LocalAuthentication. SAML: This is our preferred option and the one that works best for schools.  It means each staff member only has to remember a single username and password which they use to log into their primary authentication system, and then every other application recognises the […]

Asking more questions

Aug 31, 2023

We are regularly asked whether the Parent Booking application can capture additional information.  When a parent makes a booking the school is wanting to ask additional questions in regard to the booking. To solve this problem we are integrating the Parent Booking application with the Permission Slip application.  So when a parent makes a booking […]

Sending SMS messages outage

Aug 21, 2023

Friday 18-8-2023 The ability to send SMS messages is currently unavailable.  All of our SMS functionality is directed via Infoways, and they are currently having issues delivering these messages into the mobile network.  They are aware of the problem and are working on it. Update: Monday 21-8-2023 8:49am The SMS facility is still currently unavailable.  […]

Obtaining Consent from Staff

Jan 23, 2023

There is no doubt that we hold personal information on a staff member, specifically their name, amongst other things.  It seems only reasonable that we should then obtain the staff member’s consent to store this information.  A recent request from Education Queensland has asked us to implement an option for staff to give (or withhold) […]

Outage – Monday 23 May 2022, 3:42pm – 3:57pm

May 23, 2022

Sorry – this was my mistake. I was repairing a broken function in the Detention System but the change didn’t go according to plan and we were offline for 15 minutes while I undid the change. I’m still not sure why the error occurred, there is some investigation still to happen on this.   Update: […]

Email issue 17th February 2022

Feb 17, 2022

We had some issues with the connection to the email server around 8am (AEST), for about 5 minutes.  It should all be working again now.  Note, this may well have impacted a number of schools using the School Notices application to send their notices around this time. We were testing some additional security options, in […]