Outage – Thursday 6th of June : 10:06am – 10:20am

Jun 6, 2024

Our certificates expired.

I had previously renewed the certificates and installed them on the web servers, however i needed to update the references to the new certificates and restart the web service.  Sorry, it had been on my list of tasks, I thought it had been done but as it turned out it hadn’t.

Everything is back up and running again.  14 minutes downtime.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


UPDATE 10;42am

There were some follow on calls from a few schools who were still having trouble accessing the site.  They had picked up the new certificate, the dates were all correct, but the web browser was still indicating that the certificate had expired.  Using a different computer worked fine, as did a mobile phone, it would appear the original computer was caching the expired status.  If you have a solution for this please let me know so we can help other schools.