RB: Schedule your report to create a notice

Apr 27, 2020

If your school has a subscription to both the Resource Booking and School Notices then you will have the option of scheduling your Resource Booking report to create a notice.

Normally scheduled reports will create an email to a staff member, however in this special instance you can now create a School Notice with the output of the report. This can be useful if you have a particular resource that you want included in the school notices each day.

Scheduling your report

When scheduling the report you will find an additional option for generating a notice. When selected you will also be prompted to select the notices group to put the notice in.

You can only select a single group as the target for the notice being created.

The notice will be scheduled for the same day that it is running. So it is useful to schedule the report to run prior to the notices are emailed. For example, if your notices are emailed to staff at 8:10am each school day, then you should schedule your report to run at 8am each school day (or earlier).

Sample of the notice