RB: Room change notifications

May 10, 2018

We’ve undertaken some improvements to the Room Change Notification facility.

Firstly, what is Room Change Notifications:  When a room booking is created, updated or replaced the operator has the option of checking a box to create a Room Change Notification, this is a School Notice generated into the designated Room Change Notification group within the School Notices application.  The RCN is created for the date of the booking, so all RCNs for a particular day are included in a single group of notices for that day.

Requirements: You must have a current subscription to the Resource Booking application.  If you are subscribed to the School Notices application that the facility is available automatically.  If you don’t have a School Notices application a special version is available that processes only Room Change Notifications and is not available for other notices, this is priced at 10% of the normal retail price for this application.

Automating the notification

Firstly, let’s clarify that we reference a ‘fixed’ resource as opposed to a ‘non-fixed’ resource.  ‘Fixed’ resources are typically rooms or spaces that can’t be moved.  These are identified in the Resource management area by checking the ‘Fixed’ checkbox option.

One of the main improvements is to automate this notification.  Making a normal booking will not generate any RCN, however if you are updating an existing booking for a fixed resource we will automatically enable the RCN.  You can of course manually turn it off again.  If you are replacing an existing booking for a fixed resource with another booking for a fixed resource we will also automatically enable the RCN, and again you can manually turn it off if necessary.

What to do with the notifications

If you are utilising the School Notices application then there is no need to do anything, the RCNs will form part of the notices.

If you are not using the School Notices application then you have a couple of options.  One option is to utilise the RSS feed from the Notices application – you can then drop this frame onto your school intranet with an appropriate label.  The second is to use the Public Display option to broadcast these room changes.   The last option is to make this group publicly accessible and the RCNs will then appear on a public version of the School Notices, and this can be deployed as a URL link on your school intranet.