PT3: Push Requests

Feb 23, 2019

What is a Push Request?

As the name suggests, we are PUSHing out a REQUEST – and the request is for a parent to come for an interview.

Is this new?

Yes and no. We did have push requests in the previous version, however it was limited to manual entry of the request data. With version 3 we are now allowing the school to import a much longer list of push requests that can be emailed to parents.

When would I use this?

Push requests can be used with any booking round where parents and staff are involved. You can use push requests to specifically request interviews with certain parents, or, you can import every parent/student and staff member combination.

You might use push requests for your SETPLAN / Subject-Counselling interviews where you require every student to make a booking. In addition you can define exactly which staff member each student will book with.

What information is required?

There are four elements required on the import file:

  • An email address for the parent
  • Student’s first name
  • Student’s surname
  • The staff member’s username

How do I get started?

When you have created your booking round scroll down to the row where the Push Requests are listed – click on this row to get started.