PT3 – Exceptional Bookings

Sep 29, 2021

As a parent I had to book interviews with my children’s teachers.  Throughout primary school it was a relatively straightforward process, however at secondary it was a little more complicated.  In one particular year my wife and I decided that I would see the English teacher while she would meet with the Math teacher, at the same time!  Well, we did manage to arrange this, but it was a little complicated.

Introducing Exceptional Booking

The ability to make multiple bookings in the same time slot.

The ability to make multiple bookings with the same teacher.

The ability to break the rules, but in a controlled manner.

Exceptional booking is not entirely new to SOBS.  We did have an early iteration of Exceptional booking in our version 2 product, however that was somewhat limited in scope and didn’t scale very well.

With this latest release we believe we have a solution that will work for most schools.  Let’s look at some basic precepts:

  1. Exceptional booking is completely optional – if your school doesn’t want to use this option it doesn’t have to.  Exceptional booking is disabled by default, only schools wanting to use this option will want to enable it.
  2. All Exceptional bookings require a reason – if the parent doesn’t specify a reason the booking is deleted.
  3. All Exceptional bookings require approval – the booking is created in a “PENDING” state and must be approved or cancelled.
  4. Exceptional bookings can be approved by the staff member the booking is made with. An email will be sent each morning if there are any Exceptional bookings to be processed by the staff member.

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Below is a link to the help article that includes how the process operates and includes screen shots.

Exceptional booking