Parent Booking version 3

Feb 2, 2019

Our version 3 of the Parent Booking application was released last week. It adopts our new style so the look has been completely transformed, however inside there are many more new features to be found!

How to upgrade?

Click on the “Add new round of interviews” button. If you have no other active interview rounds you will be prompted to upgrade.

If you have existing interview rounds you must allow these to finish completely before you can upgrade to the new version. Once you move to the new version all of the previous interview information will effectively be archived.

Leaving the old version behind

We have completely rewritten the application, all new code and new database tables. Version 2.3 is still around, and you will have the ability to pop back and look at this historical information at any time. However with version 3 you will be starting with a fresh new set of data.

You can temporarily switch back to the previous version by going to your “Profile” page and click the link “Temporarily go back to version 2”.

What are the main changes?

  • The new version 3 style
  • The list of booking methods is now a list of booking rounds. The list has been updated so the names are more recognisable, and the list has been expanded to encompass more of the options you regularly use
  • You can still select a date and time for parent access to open, but there is no longer a close date and time. Parent access now closes 24 hours prior to the bookable time slot – you can adjust the number of hours as necessary
  • There are now three options for managing time slots: 1) Time slots are shared by all staff; 2) Staff create their own time slots; 3) A combination of shared and individual staff time slots
  • Shared teaching has also been extended to allow all combinations of class sharing
  • Schools can now upload lists of interviews that need to happen. The push requests facility now supports uploading of staff / student pairings for delivery to a parent
  • New booking rounds for: Parents meeting with a staff member (no student); Staff meeting with a Senior staff member
  • A new parent led security approach. Parents can now select their own security option: No password; Password; or Verification code. Parents also have the option of having their details deleted at the end of the booking round

Is there any help?

We have started working on some new help articles – you will find them at The first two we have completed are: Instructions for staff and Instructions for parents.

As you begin using version 3 you will see there is additional on-screen help. We have added these instructions in the most common locations where people need assistance.

As always you can call us if you have any further questions.