Coming soon: Enrolment

Oct 23, 2017

When a school in Brisbane had parents camping outside the school dates earlier this year in order to be first in line for the out-of-catchment enrolment applications, the principal was determined to change the process. While we didn’t have an immediate solution we were able to ask a few other schools and within a few weeks made the determination to publish a new application to assist with the enrolment process. So was launched a new addition to the SOBS suite, due in time for the beginning of the school year, 2018.

Below is an outline of the initial features we are planning to incorporate. Please drop in a reply if your school might be interested in this application and if you have additional features you would like us to consider.

Collecting enrolment information
An online enrolment system will capture all of the enrolment information your school requires, and all in an electronic format. Optionally you can have the parent upload a copy of the birth certificate, proof of residency, applicable visas, and any other documentation required. The completed form can be printed in preparation for the parent’s signing when they attend the enrolment interview.

Managing eligibility
Configure your school’s eligibility requirements in regard to; siblings currently attending, parent is a staff member, or the child lives within or without the catchment area. Keep abreast of these numbers during the course of the year.

Maintain an orderly waitlist
Define the exact date and time that out-of-catchment applications will be accepted. The SOBS system will only allow these applications to be accepted after this date and time. Upon entry of a valid name and email the SOBS system will allocate a position in the waitlist. Neither parents nor staff will be able to adjust the order of the waitlist, with the exception of removing a parent entirely in the event they no longer require their spot.