Sending SMS messages outage

Aug 21, 2023

Friday 18-8-2023

The ability to send SMS messages is currently unavailable.  All of our SMS functionality is directed via Infoways, and they are currently having issues delivering these messages into the mobile network.  They are aware of the problem and are working on it.

Update: Monday 21-8-2023 8:49am

The SMS facility is still currently unavailable.  We are waiting for an update from Infoways.

Update Monday 21-8-2023 9:25am

The SMS facility was fixed Friday afternoon (sorry, we weren’t informed either).   However when it was fixed we should have been receiving responses, but no responses came through.  So now we are assuming that the messages we sent were not sent to the parents.  I’m still checking on this.

We checked this morning and the SMS messages are now working so you should be fine to process Monday.  Friday we may need to resend.  If you have any indication that any parents received their Friday message (perhaps after 3:30pm) if you could let us know.  At the moment I’m not aware of any messages that have been delivered (or responded).

Update Monday 21-8-2023 1:36pm

So, another update. Messages sent after 3:30pm on Friday were working.  Messages sent before 3:30pm on Friday are essential lost, this confirms our suspicions.  Currently there isn’t any option to resend Friday’s messages, if you need to do this please drop me an email (to

Lastly I will be removing all of the SMS messages from Friday prior to 3:30pm, so this will remove them from your history, and from any future charges.

Update Tuesday 21-8-2023

Just confirming the cause of the outage was a network error at the database host used by Infoways.