Security Improvements

May 23, 2020

Over the last two weeks we have been applying 100’s of updates to improve our application security. Specifically this is related to values that you are entering on input forms within SOBS, and also values that are being imported.

Every input field on every form is now being scrutinised much more closely. If we find invalid data we will either return no value, or a message, for example: “[REGEXP: invalid data entered]”. This may mean that you have entered an invalid email address in an email field, or an invalid phone number in a phone field, etc.

In some instances our value verification may be operating incorrectly so you may find that the value you are entering is not being saved, or possibly being replaced by an error message like the one above. Please let us know if this is happening to you, include details about the input form and the field that is causing problems.

On the positive side we have shutdown additional security vulnerabilities.