Outage – Monday 23 May 2022, 3:42pm – 3:57pm

May 23, 2022

Sorry – this was my mistake.

I was repairing a broken function in the Detention System but the change didn’t go according to plan and we were offline for 15 minutes while I undid the change.

I’m still not sure why the error occurred, there is some investigation still to happen on this.


Update: 26 May 2022

The issue has been resolved.  A recent upgrade in our Propel library has been recently implemented, and for the most part this appears to be working well.   However, when we implemented a new table into the Detention System this caused the Propel library to fail in every possible way, rendering the entire application unusable.

Our initial response was to identify why the error was happening and whether there was a simple solution for the error, unfortunately this eluded us.

We rolled back the change to the table and the application began working again, but we were still mystified as to why it had happened.

We initiated a conversation with the library developers and today the solution was made clear to us.  A simple command to refresh the library autoload function was required for Propel to recognise the new table.  We have implemented the new table now, run the command, and everything appears to be operating normally.