EQ server outage notification

Apr 30, 2020

30th of April 2020: It would appear our EQ server is not currently accessible. Access to sobs.com.au is unaffected. 1:20pm: We were notified that the server was offline at around 12:40pm. We confirmed that the server is currently offline – we have no contact with it. We have called the hosting company to investigate. In the meantime we needed to repair this BLOG site and the HELP site as they were utilising files from the EQ server site. 1:33pm: The server is back online. The cause was a power supply issue.  The server itself was fine, however the power was interrupted in some way.  Investigation is continuing into the cause. The outage lasted 48 minutes, from 12:42pm through to 1:30pm. 1:46pm: The problem turned out to be an unattended-upgrade that required a reboot. The restarting of the server required the encryption password to allow access to the drive. We have now disabled the unattended-upgrades. These upgrades are for important security updates. We regularly apply security updates after hours, so disabling this option should not cause a problem, but rather help us to manage the server restarts in a more timely fashion.