Electronic ticketing

Feb 7, 2022

We have been working on a new feature recently, the ability to implement electronic ticketing.

Firstly, to clarify what electronic ticketing means:

  • A parent (and/or student) can book for an event using the current Parent Booking application.
  • The parent can then print or email themselves the ticket, this includes a unique QR code.
  • The school can then place staff with mobile phones at the entrance to the event.  Staff log into SOBS and navigate to the “Checkin” page, where they can then scan the QR code on a ticket.  Details from the booking will be displayed and the device reset to scan the next QR code.

To be perfectly clear, there are a couple of things we aren’t yet doing, however these may well come in time:

  • Allocating specific seats.
  • Collecting money.


Generating the ticket

Ticketing is only available on event style booking rounds.  Currently this includes:

  • Enrolment event
  • Information session / New parent meetings
  • Booking seats at a school event
  • Session or event requiring student details

After creating the booking round, edit the “Main settings” and select the ticketing option.To generate an electronic ticket select the option “Ticket a number of seats”.

The parent will book normally. After booking the parent can click the ‘Print’ or ‘Email’ options to view their ticket.  The parent can choose to print the ticket, or simply save it to their smart phone, or access via their email.  The ticket will appear similar to this image:


Checking in at the event

Parents should have their ticket ready, either a printed ticket or a copy of the ticket on their smart phone.

Staff will position themselves at the entrance to the event.  They should have a smart phone or tablet that includes an operational camera.  On your smart phone browser log into SOBS, to the Parent Booking application.  Use the hamburger icon at the top right of the page to access the menu.

When the menu appears select the “Checkin” option.

The “Checkin” page will load a small view finder, along with a list of the cameras available (where the device may have front and rear cameras).  Select the camera you would like to use, and simply point it at the QR code.  You do not have to click or press any buttons – the view finder will recognise the QR code and process it immediately.


How to improve your scanning:

  • Get closer to the QR code, so the QR code fills 80% of the view finder.
  • Ensure there is sufficient light – operating in dark will make it harder for the camera to read the QR code.
  • Ensure there is not too much light – operating in full sun may generate reflections from the parent’s device that you are trying to read from.

A successful scan and checkin will result in a short “Okay” sound being played (ensure you volume is turned up on your smart phone to hear this).  The screen will also display the name of the parent (or student) booked along with any other names or the number of seats.   The QR code reader will automatically reset and be ready to read the next code.

If there is no sound it could be that the camera is continuing to look for a QR code (the camera will turn off when a QR code has been scanned).

If an error occurs, a short “Failed”sound will play.  This could be an error with the QR code read, an invalid QR code, or that the QR code has already been scanned (we want to identify if somebody is attempting to use the same ticket twice).  The QR code reader will automatically reset and be ready to read the next code.