2019 Server Upgrade

Oct 11, 2019

Every three years we replace our servers and upgrade to the latest stable software versions. We will provide regular updates, although I doubt there will be too many people following along. It’s also a good documentation process for us. 8:17pm We have just taken the SOBS websites offline for maintenance. The job of migrating the […]

SOBS outage 13-7-2018 10:46am

Jul 13, 2018

This appears to be a networking error at Servers Australia. They know about the problem and are working to resolve it. NOTE: Some schools are able to access SOBS, networking is a bit like this, it depends a lot on who your internet provider is. UPDATE: 11:23am looks as though it may be resolved.  We […]

SMS currently offline

May 10, 2018

3:26pm Brisbane time: Our SMS provider MessageMedia updated their SSL certificate at 1pm (Melbourne time) and we are now unable to send SMS messages. We are in touch with them and hoping to have this resolved as soon as possible. 4:12pm Brisbane time: it is now resolved.

KeepAlive for everybody

Mar 16, 2018

Yesterday I was asked whether there was a global change facility for the ‘KeepAlive’ setting.  A school wanted to set this on for all staff.  Do we implement a global change facility or do we simply turn it on for all staff? When we originally implemented this we considered who would need this, and who […]

SOBS email and Microsoft / Hotmail

Mar 15, 2018

Email is a conundrum. Pros: Being able to send messages, documents, images, video, and links to everything else.  Virtually instantaneous all around the world.  Able to message a group of friends. Cons: SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, and anti-SPAM nets. One of our servers has been blocked by Hotmail – so parents with hotmail email addresses won’t […]

2018 upgrade

Feb 20, 2018

With the 2018 upgrade we have a new login screen. We have tried to simplify the design, keeping the screen clean and tidy making it as easy as possible for staff to login.  So staff with the correct URL will be presented with this page, where they will enter their username and password, and then […]

Subscribing to the SOBS blog

Feb 9, 2018

SOBS gets a new BLOG site. Firstly let’s explore why we wanted a BLOG site for SOBS. A place where we can write about the changes to the operation of applications or features within applications.  These will affect schools all over the world, so we want to let people know about the change, how it […]

SOBS is getting a make over

Nov 11, 2017

We are redesigning the logo, the website, the page layout, the whole shebang.  We are excited about this, and I know you will be also as you read through some of the changes. When does this happen? With 11 applications and all of the related services to upgrade, we are expecting to complete the process […]